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Modesto Child Support Attorney Mina Ramirez

If you are divorcing or have separated from your partner and you have children together, an order for Child Support will be issued. Under California law, child support is mandatory as it is deemed to be in the best interests of the children. Although typically payable by the non-custodial parent, there are situations wherein the custodial parent is required to pay support.

California’s Child Support formula is extremely complex, taking into account numerous factors that include:

  • Income from All Sources
  • Tax Filing Status
  • Prior Child Support Obligation
  • Children from Subsequent Relationships
  • Amount of Time Each Parent Spends with the Children
  • Child Care Costs
  • Special Needs of the Children
  • Specific Income Tax Deductions
  • Health Insurance Premiums

When you meet with Child Support Attorney Mina Ramirez, she will be able to give you a preliminary estimate of how much child support you will either be obligated to pay or be entitled to receive.

Ms. Ramirez provides representation in a wide variety of child support related matters, including:

  • Initial Child Support Orders
  • Modification of Child Support
  • Determination of Back Child Support
  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Termination of Child Support

Due to the complexity of the child support guidelines, it is crucial that you retain a seasoned Family Law Attorney who has a comprehensive understanding of each and every element that is taken into consideration when child support is calculated.

At the Law Offices of Modesto Child Support Lawyer Mina L. Ramirez, we have represented numerous clients in child support cases, and Ms. Ramirez fights zealously to obtain the most favorable results on behalf of her clients.

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Modesto Child Support Attorney Mina Ramirez


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