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Modesto Child Custody Lawyer Mina L. Ramirez

At the Law Offices of Modesto Child Custody Attorney Mina Ramirez, we have been providing highly knowledgeable legal counsel and representation to clients throughout the Central Valley for more than 30 years.

Ms. Ramirez understands that child custody matters can be tremendously emotional for all of the involved parties, including the children. Therefore, she works diligently to resolve child custody disputes as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.

If you are presently involved in a child custody dispute, or if custody is likely to become a contentious issue during your divorce or as a result of separating from the other parent, we can help! Contact the Law Offices of Child Custody Lawyer Mina L. Ramirez at (209) 491-0199 to schedule a consultation with one of the region's leading Family Law Attorneys.

During your consultation Ms. Ramirez will meet with you to thoroughly review your child custody issues, and will provide you with an honest and realistic legal analysis of your case.

Child Custody Attorney in Modesto, California

Modesto Child Custody Lawyer Mina Ramirez represents clients in all matters pertaining to child custody, including:

  • Contested Custody Disputes
  • Uncontested Custody Cases
  • Move Away / Parental Relocation Matters
  • Legal Custody
  • Physical Custody
  • Modification of Prior Custody Orders or Agreements

California courts tend to favor Joint Legal Child Custody, providing both parents with an equal say with respect to the education, health and general welfare of the children. However, each case is unique and the court may grant sole legal custody to one parent only if the circumstances demonstrate that doing so is in the best interests of the children.

Physical Custody sets forth which parent’s home will be designated as the children’s primary place of residence. Once this is determined, the non-residential parent will be granted visitation pursuant to the terms of a mutual agreement between the parties or by judicial determination.

Child Custody is best worked out between the parties through mediation or settlement negotiations. A veteran negotiator, Child Custody Attorney Mina Ramirez will work diligently with opposing counsel and the parties to settle any custody disputes in a concerted effort to avoid costly litigation. If the parties cannot work out a custody arrangement that is acceptable by both parents, the court will intervene and issue a ruling on the matter.

Numerous factors are considered by the assigned judge prior to making a child custody determination, always taking the best interests of the children into account. These include examining the ability of each parent to offer and provide a stable environment, free from any form of abuse, and the likelihood that the primary physical custodian will foster a nurturing, loving relationship with the other parent.

Due to the nature and potential complexity of child custody cases, as well as the tendency for hostility between the parents during a custody dispute, it is crucial that you retain a highly experienced Child Custody Lawyer who possesses the ability to guide you through the process. In practice since 1985, Attorney Mina Ramirez has helped countless individuals obtain favorable results with respect to child custody disputes.

Contact Modesto Child Custody Lawyer Mina Ramirez for a Consultation

If child custody will be a potential area of contention during your divorce or after separating from your partner, please fill out Attorney Mina Ramirez’s Child Custody Case Evaluation Form. We will contact you to obtain additional information as needed, and work with you to schedule a personal, in-office consultation.

For immediate assistance, please call the Law Offices of Mina L. Ramirez today at (209) 491-0199 to set up your consultation.

Ms. Ramirez represents clients throughout the Central Valley, and has office locations in both Modesto and Sacramento. Contact us today to learn how we can help you resolve your child custody case.

Modesto Child Custody Attorney Mina Ramirez


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